Dude Chem-

A new Dawn of Chemistry 

The Start of Dude Chem

In the summer of 2021, I sat watching a Youtube video of dude perfect while bunking online school and the only thing going on in my head was chemistry, chemistry, chemistry. Chemistry was my favourite subject as it was just so interesting. Forming one chemical from another and the logic behind that just fascinated me. As I was bunking my history class, a new idea struck to me. My Chemistry Tuition Teacher had given me chemicals to explore so why not create a channel where I can suffice my curiosity to experiment and teach others too about my passionate subject. Then from dude perfect and chemistry was born  dude_chemistry and it went on as my Instagram username and the name stuck!!

My interest in experiments

Since the start I have been a very curious person. Inspired by Batman and Passionate for Cricket I always focused more on understanding concepts and researching about doubts which many couldn't fathom rather than doing only syllabus based study. I never mugged up anything and that is why could think open mindedly on everything.

My first experiment started with a simple in syllabus experiment of making Aqua Regia.

I used to document my experiments send it to my sir for approval and do it at home often using a lot of household stuff before actually ordering the lab apparatus. My first experiment of Aqua regia was with concentrated acids and it just gave a different thrill.

I posted it on Instagram and received a Wholehearted response which motivated me further to do more.

From there a certain hunger started and from in syllabus experiments I went on to do wild experiments which I had never fathomed and would have caused a lot of chaos if they had gone wrong!!!

That progressed onto me setting up my own Home Lab and the Experiments never stopped!!

I then started using music and making experiments as interactive as possible.

I even opened a Youtube Channel thereafter and was there on almost every social media!

Knock yourselves out with the experiments on this webpage.There are links to some and then the videos themselves!!!  

I also started a Podcast on Theoratical Physics!! Tap the Icon Below to Access it!!